About Us

Diversify My Home is the consumer division of Home Diversification Corp, the inventor of the Home Diversification Agreement.

We are a group passionate about helping consumers by addressing key challenges for today’s homeowner – equity protection and affordability.

To that end, we’ve spent years developing the concept of home diversification and creating our signature product, the Home Diversification Agreement, or HDA.

In a nutshell, our product spreads (exchanges) a homeowner’s eggs (home) among a nationwide basket versus leaving their largest asset at risk in just one market. This is an option never before available to homeowners.

It is our firmly held belief that home diversification is the safe, affordable path forward for the American consumer.

We believe home diversification will be a commonplace practice. Just as a homeowner ensures their property against fire and other perils, they will protect the precious equity they’ve built in their home utilizing our HDA.

Bottom line, we intend to work tirelessly toward an overarching goal of empowering the U.S. homeowner.