We take the risk out of homeownership

Delivering peace of mind for today’s homeowner


The new frontier in home-ownership. No one has a crystal ball that will predict what will happen 2, 5, 10 or more years into the future. Our Home Diversification Agreement – the “Peace of Mind” Mortgage Enhancement Product, enables homeowners for the first time ever to diversify what is often their largest, most concentrated asset – their home.

You Owe It To Yourself To Protect The Value Of Your Home

We all learn young never to place all our eggs into one basket – better to spread them around. Yet, that is exactly what we do when purchasing or owning a home. 

All our eggs are placed in one basket – at risk to the perils of our local home market

There is a better way – one that provides protection and peace of mind

Bottom line, for just pennies per day ($19 per month for the typical $225k home), you protect your largest asset, help maintain the precious equity in your home and the associated future plans you have for it (funding your daughter’s wedding, opening a business, retirement), and provide a much better chance to stay in your home in the future when the unexpected occurs or times get tough.

Home Value Comparison Tool

A failure to diversify one’s home (often the largest asset) can expose a homeowner to home-value risk brought on by volatility (severe price fluctuations) within their local market.

To demonstrate the power and necessity of home diversification, we’ve created a tool incorporating real data that graphically compares local versus national-market home prices over any period dating to 1991.

Try it out using the provided sample and then take it for a spin using your own local market zip code to see how our HDC Agreement would have actually served you during the past 20-plus years.


1.Enter zip. Ex: 20170. 2. Enter year you bought your home. Ex: 2006. 3. Enter home value as of that year (no commas). Ex: 300000 4. Click GO

Sample Results Explained

Graph 1 – National home prices (aqua-colored line) rose more during the 2006 to 2017 period (111%) versus home prices in zip code 20170 (dark blue line), which rose 95% over the same time frame.

Graph 2 – The local market home value (zip code 20170) dropped to $285, 491 from its 2006 value of $300,000.

As a result, If you sold your home in 2017, your HDC Agreement would pay you $47,629. (red line)

(Note – zip code, start date and value we’ve selected are for illustrative purposes only)